What is a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

A guaranteed mobile phone contract from the sound of its name gives you guarantee of an approval irrespective of whether you have a poor credit rating. It’s the kind of mobile phone contract designed for UK citizens with bad credit or those that have perennially been rejected whenever they applied for a mobile phone contract. With guaranteed mobile phone contracts, acceptance is almost always a guarantee.

Does my credit score play a role when being approved for guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

No! In as much as credit checks are standard practice when applying for mobile phone contracts in the UK. At Port of Phones, your credit score is not a hindrance to your approval but rather used as a basis to determine the best plan that suits your needs or budget.

Who qualifies for guaranteed mobile phone contracts?

If you have attained the age of 18 years, a citizen of the UK and in employment, you qualify to apply for guaranteed mobile phone contracts. Conversely, if you have bad credit or a less than average credit score, this kind of mobile phone contract is perfect for you.

What are the chances of my application being approved for a guaranteed mobile phone contract?

At Port of Phones, we can guarantee you over 90% approval when you apply for a guaranteed mobile phone contract. In fact, we can confidently say that your approval is almost always guaranteed. While credit checks do not play a role in your ultimate approval, providing inaccurate or misleading information can lead to your application being rejected.

How many guaranteed mobile phone plans do you offer?

Port of Phones understands that offering a single plan is limiting to the well being of our customers. We are cognizant of the fact that our customers have different needs, financial muscle as well as preferences. In this regard, we offer as many mobile phone plans as possible to enable our customers choose one based on their budget as well as needs.

Are your contracts solely for brand new phones?

No. we offer contracts for both refurbished phones as well as brand new handsets. Contracts for refurbished phones are relatively cheaper than those for brand new phones. As such, if you feel as if you have a constrained budget, you can always apply for a refurbished mobile phone contract.

What are my options if my application is rejected?

Ordinarily, we do not decline applications for guaranteed mobile phone contracts on the basis of a person’s credit score. The only time we can decline your application is if there are errors with your application or if you willfully furnish us with inaccurate information. Under these circumstances, we can only allow you to fix errors if they were made unintentionally and approve you or bar you if you willfully provide inaccurate information.

What are the types of handsets on offer?

We endeavor to provide our customers with as many handsets as possible. It doesn’t matter what your preference is as you can choose from older versions of iPhone, Samsung galaxy as well as brand new phones such as HTC, Huawei, Motorola handsets, Microsoft/Nokia, among others.

Is it compulsory to pay an upfront deposit?

Yes. Considering that we do not carry out credit checks or use it as a basis to determine who is approved or not, we require that you make a small upfront payment to help as mitigate the risks on our side.

What is the standard commitment period?

For guaranteed mobile phone contracts, we require that you be committed or locked in our contract for 18 months in the least. You have a free hand to determine how long beyond that you can be committed to the contract.