About Us

Honesty, credibility, trustworthiness and reliability epitomize the values and ideals we believe in Port of Phones. We began operations with the sole objective of ensuring that we help as many UK citizens as possible get approval for a mobile phone contract of their choice. We strongly hold the opinion that a person’s credit status should not be used to deny them a mobile phone contract in an age where a mobile device is a basic need. For a considerable period of time, UK citizens with a poor credit rating have bore the brunt of constant rejections and humiliation whenever they applied for a mobile phone contract.

They have always been on the edge and hoping for the best every time they make an attempt to apply for a mobile phone contract. The standard credit checks done by providers ensured that they were locked out irrespective of how needy they were. It is this void that we at Port of Phones endeavored to fill when we began operations a few years back. With our guaranteed mobile phone plans, we have been able to put a smile on the faces of thousands of UK citizens with a poor credit rating. We endeavor to assist as many people as possible with bad credit get a proper deal when applying for mobile phone contracts.

In our attempt to improve service delivery, we have enlisted the services of highly trained professionals that are conversant with the mobile phone contracting industry. These professionals have been instrumental in offering sound advice, helping our array of customers choose a better deal and ultimately, improving the image of our company.